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Investigator Initiated Studies

Clinicians innovating and translating ideas into clinical applications

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Investigator Initiated Studies

ARI is currently in discussions with pharmaceutical companies to enable Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) by providing grants to clinicians. Many companies support the study with technical assistance, funding and drugs if required.

Two objectives that are envisaged to be accomplished by Investigator Initiated studies (IIS) are:

»  Clinicians innovating and translating ideas into clinical applications

»   Pharma cos research programs being benefitted from the clinical research 

Pfizer and Philips are open to promoting IIS based on clinician ideas.

Diabetes Study

Dr. S. Venkataraman at Apollo Hyderabad is planning to conduct an IIS on diabetes by comparing two doses of a FDC versus standard FDC which are prescribed to the patients routinely. On completion of the discussions, the study related documents will be submitted to EC for review.


Single Largest Study including 100 Principal Investigator Dr. S. Venkataraman at Apollo Hyderabad has initiated one of a kind of Study that has been conducted with an objective to assess the comparison of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) versus Office Blood Pressure Monitoring (OBPM) in patients with newly diagnosed, controlled and uncontrolled hypertension. This study has been conducted by 100 investigators across 8 sites pan-India.The vision is to change the paradigm of hypertension management, based on patterns emerging from hypertension data.

Clinical Outcome study in gram negative infections

As part of the Investigator Initiated Research, Dr. Senthur Nambi – Consultant Infectious Disease at Apollo Chennai has finished enrolling 100 participants for an open labeled prospective non comparative observational study to assess the real world treatment outcomes in patients receiving colistimethate sodium with gram negative infections. The study documents were developed, approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee, Apollo Chennai before the study was initiated. The serious adverse events were notified to the IEC and to the sponsor as per regulatory requirement. The outcome of the study will throw light on the extent of adverse events and mortality. The study was supported by CIPLA.

Clinical Experience with Ertapenam in Acute Pyelonephritis

Dr. Ramasubramanian – Senior Consultant Infectious Disease at Apollo Chennai has completed a retrospective two-center observational study to assess the clinical response of Ertapenam in acute pyelonephritis due to ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae. This collaborative research study was conducted at Apollo Hospitals Chennai and Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS). The Principal Investigator guided the study team throughout as this pharmacoeconomic study will provide data not only on the clinical response of the study drug, but will give an overview of the ALOS and per patient charges for the course of treatment as out-patient and inpatient therapy. The study documents were developed by the research team, approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee Apollo Hospitals Chennai and KIMS Kerala before the study was initiated. The Chennai site enrolled 70 patients and KIMS 30 patients. The data is being analyzed for an outcome report. The study is supported by MSD.

Effectiveness of Colistin in multi-resistant gram negative organisms in oncology set up

Dr. Abdul Ghafur – Senior Consultant Infectious Diseases, Apollo Specialty Hospital Chennai has initiated a retrospective study to evaluate the effective and safety of Colistin in multi-drug resistant gram negative organisms in patients admitted at ASH Chennai. The study outcome will provide a real time data on the toxicity of the drug in various infections. The study is supported by Astra Zeneca.