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Organisation accreditated by Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Program Locations at Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Madhurai.

About Us

Everything you need to know about Apollo Research and Innovations

About ARI

Apollo Research and Innovations (ARI) is a department of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. spearheading research, innovations and educational related programs in quest of enabling Apollo Hospitals to introduce cutting edge technologies, therapies and other innovations in its ecosystem.

At Apollo, we believe in driving clinical excellence and patient benefit by incubating innovative enterprises and encouraging Research & Innovation within our ecosystem. Our mission is to deliver healthcare from “Bench to Bedside” such that it contributes to the well being of the patient community in a comprehensive manner. The vision of ARI is to foster innovation in Technology, Therapy, Processes and Business models to achieve greater access, affordable costs and global quality standards. Some of the key areas of innovations include Convergence of Healthcare with Life Sciences & Technology, Innovation in Software, Innovation in Medical devices and Innovation in Public Health.

Apollo Research and Innovations:
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Medical Devices
Clinical Research & Bio-Markers
Clinical Genomics & Genetics

Work Scope

»  ARI works across a diverse set of focus areas namely – Clinical trials, Clinical research training program, Device and software validation studies and co-development, personalized medication and healthcare innovation through creative collaborations.

»  ARI currently has a comprehensive ecosystem to undertake clinical studies for sponsored drug trials, devices, software as well as consumer goods. Apollo currently has experience of undertaking almost 800 clinical studies across over 10 therapeutic areas. This competence has been further evolved to extend co-development capabilities and augment the same with some very creative business models.

»  Largely, the various models are leveraged in one way or the other to engage with clinicians and start-ups to translate ideas into commercial ventures/projects. These models use permutations of service for fee, sweat equity, seed funding, debt and investment in kind. These permutations allow ARI to enable frugal innovations.

»  Research of the highest quality can only be carried out by trained investigators and for the same ARI also offers research related educational programs. ARI aims to provide a one shop solution for doctors, entrepreneurs, innovators, pharma/biotech/medical device companies to participate in Research.

ARI Vision

Enable a Research & Innovations led Apollo Hospitals, which consistently rides the cutting edge in Technology, Therapy & Delivery for improved patient outcomes, affordability and reach


»  In 2013-14 clinical research and education related activities merged from Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation (AHERF) into Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited (AHEL) as a department named Apollo Research and Innovations (ARI), with its head office at Apollo Health City, Hyderabad.

»  While ARI focus on clinical research, education and Innovations, AHERF focuses on basic research, translation research, public health and epidemiological research. AHERF undertakes and promotes scientific and medical research programs that have a bearing on the health, social, economic and industrial needs of India.

For further information please visit our AHERF website at